So, the big question on many customer’s minds is: is it worth it to pay the premium to go up to the RTX 2070 Max-Q from the RTX 2060?

Well, that’s a bit of a complicated question. In current games, right now, results seem pretty well even. In the future? Who knows if the extra 2 GB will be necessary.

These results were taken on the Lenovo Legion Y740:

  • 256 GB NVMe drive
  • 16 GB RAM clocked at 2667 MHz
  • i7-8750H hexacore CPU
  • 144 Hz IPS display with G-Sync enabled
  • Undervolt of -125mV applied (no undervolt had thermal throttling in about 10 minutes of gameplay)
  • Nvidia 419.35 latest drivers


Looking at benchmarks you get a weird picture. Firestrike scores put it low in the graphics department but once again, reality shows a promising card that far surpasses the 1060 that preceded it.

RTX 2060
RTX 2070 Max-Q

One of the more reliable benchmarks is where both cards take to overclocking quite well. By coincidence, both could be overclocked through MSI Afterburner by the same amount (+100 Core, +350 Memory). The 2070 Max-Q scores considerably higher and benches it above 100% at UFO standing.

RTX 2060
RTX 2070 Max-Q


Apex Legends [Very High 1080p (4x ani)]
Anthem [Ultra/Very High 1080p (medium PP and vegetation)]
GR Wildlands [Very High/Ultra 1080p (16x ani)]
Overwatch [Epic (1080p120*)]
PUBG [Ultra Settings]
Witcher 3 [Ultra, Nvidia Hairworks On]

Now for the main attraction: the reality between the 2 cards in games *drum roll*

Looks pretty similar to me. Outliers include Overwatch and PUBG.

Okay, well then it must be that the thermals are so much better with the Max-Q GPU right?

Hmm nope, those results are all over the board too!


Framerates and temperatures all seem about the same. Apex Legends and Anthem seem to favour the 2070 Max-Q but the differences are not going to be all that perceptible. The 2060 operates at a slightly higher base frequency than the 2070 Max-Q, while the 2070 Max-Q has the extra 2 GB of GDDR6. It really does seem to be a wash between the two of them. As it stands, I cannot really recommend spending the extra money on the 2070 Max-Q unless benchmarks matter to you (they do to me). I ended up spending only $150 CAD more on the upgrade so the value is there for me with a little bit of futureproofing. If you wind up with the RTX 2060 though, you’re going to be very happy while gaming.

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