Staring: Tom Hardy,  Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate  

Type: Action/Comedy/Mild-horror

Bottom Line: Spawn (1997) meets Deadpool (2016)


Eddie Brock is a reporter who focuses on getting the truth out there by any means possible; regardless of who is hurt along the way (including himself). While reporting on The Life Foundation (Tesla/SpaceX) and revealing items that were privy to a select few, his antics wind up getting himself fired, alone, and a pariah. Meanwhile, The Life Foundation continues its human-testing trials for various treatments that tend to end in the patient’s death. Carlton Drake, the founder of The Life Foundation and modern day Hank Scorpio/Elon Musk, discovers the symbiotes when his astronauts return from a comet. He obviously wants to use them and be able to travel to their world and nothing will stop him. Venom, one of the symbiotes, finds a perfect match with Eddie Brock when tries infiltrate the labs to report on their heinous activities. What ensues is a series of action-packed and entertaining sequences leading up to an explosive finale. Being Marvel, of course there is an end-credits sequence that any fan can see coming from a mile away.

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): The trailers do not do this movie justice.





The trailers certainly made this movie out to be worrisome from a fan’s stand-point; the Bostonian-portrayal by Tom Hardy was not nearly as bad as the trailers made it out to be. In fact, he was actually very entertaining in the role. Michelle Williams was also great in her role. Riz Ahmed, while playing a fairly one-dimensional bad-guy, added a good flair to his role and is quite good at adding depth into his on-screen persona. 

The action sequences were quite well-done and were entertaining; and the director took a number of ques from previous action movies. It being set in San Francisco, of course there is a chase sequence on Filbert Street that will look familiar to anyone who has seen any action movie in the past 4 decades. Sometimes it can be a little hard to follow in the inevitable symbiote-on-symbiote fight, but overall it was enjoyable throughout.

While the story itself is quite predictable, it was a good ride; even my wife enjoyed it! What really made this movie though were the injects of comedy; it had a dry wit to it that was immensely entertaining (I know, you’re starting to see a theme). The humour was well-placed and lightened up what could have been a movie that took itself too seriously. The writing was well done in that certainly took queues from Deadpool in its comedic antics. 

All in all, this movie was very entertaining and worth a watch; especially if you’ve been a fan of Venom (the Lethal Protector comics immediately come to mind for this movie). While this movie does set up a sequel in the end credits; it’s one that you saw coming from a mile away. Some of the animation is not the greatest and lent itself to a Spawn-kind-of-feel but I feel like this movie will age better than that one did as it took itself far too seriously.

I enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone that was disappointed with Venom’s portrayal in Spider-Man 3 (for shame, Sam Rami) and wanted to see him done justice; this is the movie for you.

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I won advance tickets to see this movie courtesy of EB Games Canada; thanks again!


In fact, this movie could have done more in the sequel regard if it had used the yellow symbiote as the one that was let loose to silence Dr. Skirth; creating Scream to lead up to a cross-over and introduction of Maximum Carnage. Even if that future was not going to be case, it would have been an entertaining twist for fans.

I also would have preferred more of a linear progression to Venom’s growth as opposed to the quick 180 of him liking Earth and wanting to be with Eddie Brock, despite his rejection of the symbiote when the time arose. The writing could have been better but overall this movie does what it sets out to do and reinvigorate Venom as a character.